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 Nice of you to come and take a look at Potjes & Deksels! At our packaging-free store on wheels, you can shop waste-free in your own jars, containers and bags . On the product page you can take a look at what we have in our store on wheels (named Evie).

Naast het rijden van routes door Rotterdam en Capelle aan den IJssel, staan we iedere vrijdag op het Deliplein, en zijn we om de week op zaterdag op de Rotterdamse Oogstmarkt on Noordplein. Furthermore, once a month on Saturday we travel to Woerden, Schijf and Roosendaal.

Or are you looking for an original sustainable promotional gift? Look at our B2B page here for an impression of what we have to offer.

Route Capelle aan den IJssel
24/05, 07/06, 21/06

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# Street ETA ETD
1 Grafiek 13:15 13:45
2 Slotplein 14:00 14:50
3 Windmolen 15:00 16:00
4 Balearen 16:15 16:50
5 Koerillen 17:00 17:30
6 IJsselwaard/Nederwaard 17:40 18:15
7 De Vallei 18:20 18:45
8 ‘s-Gravenweg 18:50 19:10

Route Rotterdam

31/05, 14/06, 28/06

In the Routes menu, check "Follow Us Real Time" to see if we are there yet.

# Street ETA ETD
1 Hendrik Sweijstraat 13:20 13:55
2 Amethiststraat 14:20 14:55
3 Oudedijkse Schiekade 15:10 15:45
4 Theodora Jacobalaan 16:00 16:30
5 Tinbergenlaan (Basisschool Park 16 Hoven) 16:40 17:15
6 Cipreslaan
17:25 18:00
Albert Schweitzerplaats
18:20 18:45
18:50 19:25
Geerten Gossaertstraat
19:35 20:05

About us

We (Tessa and Anne) have been living more and more consciously in recent years. Subjects such as climate and animal welfare are close to our hearts. Did you know that the amount of waste produced per person per year in the Netherlands is more than 400 kg! We are doing something about this.

We offer people an alternative, so they don't buy wasted resources at every errand. In this way, we save energy and avoid adding waste to the Great Pacific garbage patch.


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