Order in bulk for your cafe,
supermarket, catering company, etcetera...

Packaging-free products
from organic origin

For example
a jar for your employees with
delicious southern fruits

How nice that you;re having a look at Potjes & Deksels! At our packaging-free shop on wheels you can do your groceries in your own jars, boxes and bags. On the product page you can take a look at what we have in our store on wheels (named Evie).

The weekplanning is visible on Zero Waste Shop. Would you like to stay updates about news and when we are near to you? Register yourself here aan!

We are happy to serve B2B as well:
As a wholesaler we deliver organic products to producers, zero waste shops and more.

In addition we can offer sustainable, original relationship gifts on location. Have a look here for more inspiration about sustainable gifts.