Daytrip to Haarlem

Haarlem is such a beautiful city!

Yesterday morning we visited Rick van der Poel in Roelofarendsveen. Van der Poel is a family business that drives around with SRV cars next to their supermarket and their newly opened liquor store. We received a lot of tips from Rick, about approaching you for example, or storing your fresh products (important for a waste-free, or packaging-free grocery store of course 😉 ). It was incredibly informative.

Since we were in Roelofarendsveen, we thought 'let's drive further to Haarlem, we're in the neighbourhood anyway'. When we got there we went looking for a place to eat. We found NEW VEGAS, a completely vegan restaurant ( We had a lovely dinner and the owners were very friendly. They just opened their restaurant and we told them that we are also setting up our own business, aka Potjes & Deksels the zero waste grocery. We immediately got some advice from them and if we have any questions we can call them.

Long story short: it was an insightful day and we met some helpful new people! And so our knowledge and number of contacts keeps growing (see picture ;P).

Talk to you at the next update.