Heading East

The Netherlands is a beautiful country!

Yesterday we went east. To Neede, to be exact. The nature is very different over there. Compared to the province Zuid-Holland, where we live at the moment, it's not as flat. There is a hill called the Needse Berg, where fossil remains were found during excavations. Underneath all that sand, which was used to make bricks and tiles at the time, they found the remains of a forest elephant, but also of whales and sharks. Once upon a time the Netherlands was completely under water. Of course, the wonderful walk was not the only reason to travel to the other side of the country.

Casper Pasman, an importer of Citroën HY vans, lives in Neede. He sells them either in their original state or in completely overhauled versions. Casper himself regularly drives to France with a huge truck to pick up the vans. Together with his brother, he brings them back into new condition and then resells them to another oldtimer lover. Can you guess what we came for...? Our van of course! With a lot of passion Casper told about the Citroën HY. What it has been used for and what the refurbishment process looks like. Furthermore, he thought along with us what the most interesting conversion / version would be. Now you might think, what is it going to be!? We haven't quite figured that out yet, but it could be a completely different van than you would think 😉 Cause he also had a totally different van. But we'll keep that a secret for now.

You'll hear more soon! Mysterious huh?

Bye bye!



P.S.: Would you like to know more about Casper Pasman and his company Le Marchand? Take a look at