Busses and more

Over the past period we have gained insights. It was difficult, but I had to let go of a short-lived love. We had a classic Renault Estafette in mind, which could be adapted to a waste-free van like we have in mind. Unfortunately after the second visit I had to admit that we had to forget this bus. The dimensions of the van were out of proportion to the investments we would have had to make. In addition, we took into account a scenario wherein we would not immediately convert the engine to an electrical one because of the costs involved. In that case we still want to be able to start driving on a different fuel, with this oldtimer this wouldn't have been a pretty sight (apart from the fact that I couldn't handle itΒ πŸ˜‰ see the video below).

So after a few weeks of betting on one horse, we started looking for other busses again! Since then we have visited several busses and we keep our eyes open for more suitable models until we go for a test drive with a charming fire truck in a while. The bus is a crucial part of our plan so we can certainly be critical about this 😊 The reason why we are looking for a second hand bus and want to adapt it is because we want to use as few new raw materials/products as possible for our company. We aim to reuse as much as possible!.

Besides finding a bus we are inquiring for storage space, we need this for at least the van, our stock, a professional dishwasher and refrigeration. We are looking in Rotterdam East and Capelle West, these geographical locations are for us the best suitable from where to start our routes! If you have any tips we would like to hear from you (minimum 50 m2). We will also share a registration list with you soon so that we can publish our first routes based on this. Yes, there is still a lot of preparation to be done, though once we have a van things can develop smoothly! In the beginning of November it will be announced if we will receive subsidy from CityLab010, before that news comes we have other activities in mind. We hope you still have a little patience 😊.

A pleasant conclusion of last week was an appointment with one of our suppliers. It is nice that people think in possibilities and solutions based on years of experience in retail. So far it has already been a learning experience to work on our initiative (I do get a bit nervous about the number of tax letters we receive before we have even sold a single product... πŸ˜‰).

Β See you next time!

Anne (& Tessa obviously)