Instagram Takeover

Since our last update we have had the opportunity to do an Instagram takeover of the CityLab010 account. This also became a crash course "how to Instagram". Short update for those who haven't read all our posts, CityLab010 is a subsidy program of the Municipality of Rotterdam that supports innovative initiatives through a selection of the city jury. For a week we were able to present our plan on the account of CL010 with over 2000 followers, just a bit more than we have 😉 It was a nice opportunity to present our initiative to a broad audience and to think about interactive content. The posts can be found on the CityLab010 Instagram account, we strongly recommend to follow them because they offer a stage to various initiatives!

At the end of this week we could share that the waiting list on our website has been activated! Via this waiting list you can let us know that you are interested in purchasing products with your own packaging from our waste-free grocery shop on wheels, so that we can draw up the first routes based on this data.

Vanaf November ga ik voor mijn huidige werkgever minder werken. In plaats van 5 dagen zal ik 3 dagen containers plannen. Dit geeft ons ruimte voor afspraken met leveranciers, proefritten, bezichtigen van bedrijfsruimten en promotie activeiten! Ik wil heeeel graag een P&D stempel, in plaats van visitekaartjes kunnen we dan ieder papier hergebruiken om onze gegevens achter te laten –> levensdoelen.

Once we will have purchased a bus from our own savings, we can use a little help, at that moment we will launch a crowdfunding. In this way we can raise the additional starting capital we need. As soon as we get a notice that we will receive a subsidy from the Municipality of Rotterdam we can speed up the process, if not, we will start at an easier pace... zo niet dan wel toch?! (As they say in Rotterdam)

Soon we will share some news about the buses we visited, stay tuned 😉


See you next time!

Anne (& Tessa obviously)