This topic is close to our hearts, it is the backbone of our initiative!

We decided to go for a newer used bus (instead of busses more than 30 years old). Our garage owner gave as a tip that parts will be produced for another 10 years after a bus has been manufactured. If we will need repairs, we want to get back on the road as soon as possible. With an old bus this can become a bit more tricky. Furthermore, we decided to go for a different fuel instead of an electric engine. The reason for this lies mainly in the raw materials that the batteries are made of and a (still) limited insight into recycling possibilities after the lifespan of these batteries has expired. We prefer to run on hydrogen, unfortunately we don't have 100k on our bank account to make this possible. Do you still have 100k lying around somewhere 😉? An alternative that fits within our budget and sustainable vision are busses that run on CNG. This allows us to drive on Greengas! (extracted from silt, garden waste and residual products).

Tessa and I tested a pretty young second hand bus this week, which already has a CNG engine. Because we are very interested in this specific model, we also went to a garage for a purchase inspection. More high maintenance costs came up than expected. For this reason we have not (yet) agreed with the seller. We continue to look for other CNG buses 😊 .

We hebben ook een carrosserie bouwer in de buurt bezocht. Deze kan ons helpen wanneer we de geschikte bus gevonden hebben om de benodigde aanpassingen te doen. Denk aan de inrichting en versteviging van de dispensers en het inbouwen van een zijklep. Van de vragen, schetsen en voorbeelden van hun diensten werden Tessa en ik allebei blij. De plannen komen tot leven! Nu hebben we een beter beeld wat er allemaal aangepast moet worden wanneer we de bus eenmaal hebben 😊  

See you next time!

Anne & Tessa