We would like to introduce you to our latest addition to the family!

Her name is Evie (our Iveco Daily). Born in Italy and she spent the last few years in Germany. At the moment she is located in Brabant (where both Tessa and I are born) waiting to be renamed as a Dutch bus. Once she is renamed she has earned some extra attention, because with an periodic vehicle inspection until February 2021 we won't get far 😉.

By the way, it was a very exciting ride from Germany to the Netherlands when we went to pick up Evie. I (Anne) think the fuel gauge doesn't work, according to my father it does, but I really stared at it for an hour and didn't see it move! Anyway, on our way to the Netherlands we ran out of gas... and I have the feeling that Evie doesn't like petrol as much anyway (it has a small petrol engine to start and when the gas tank is empty it also switches to a petrol emergency mode). Eventually we could refuel, both petrol and green gas. Three more times I tested if the gas really went in the tank, because filling up with gas for the first time is something else :D

By the way, she drives very well, but Evie just keeps up with the times. Petrol, you shouldn't want that anymore!

It's great that we can now put our plans into action. We've already had a few days of work to make the bus empty, clean, rust free and protected. Next weekend we will (armed with a heater) continue to apply the paint on the parts that have been stripped of rust.

Tessa has been busy this week, but on what is still a surprise. All nice, exciting things!