"This makes package-free shopping much easier"

Rotterdam gets waste-free grocery on wheels

Tholen - Potjes & Deksels breathe new life into the familiar SRV van. "We arrive at our customers' doorstep and they take their groceries with them in jars and containers that they reuse for their own shopping. This makes packaging-free shopping much easier. That's how easy zero waste is. And you don't have to clean up waste that isn't there," says Tessa Overboom, who came up with Potjes & Deksels together with Anne Sonnleitner.

Anne and Tessa with behind them the bus they want to turn into a waste free grocery on wheels.

One of the biggest problems mankind is currently struggling with is the enormous mountain of waste. There are already many initiatives to clean up that plastic, but wouldn't it be much easier if we just produced less waste? In short, this is the thinking behind Potjes & Deksels. "The initiative came about because we ourselves wanted to drastically reduce our waste over the past year. In doing so, we noticed that this is not so easy without having to go to many different locations in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. With our mobile store we can help people reduce their waste, without it taking more effort. We just come to their doorstep."

Anne and Tessa recently purchased a bus that allows them to drive around on green gas (produced from sludge and residual waste). Through crowdfunding they want to tackle the interior. "In the short term, we will be driving around two days a week. And on Saturdays you can find us at the Rotterdamse Oogstmarkt on Noordplein, with mainly organic dry goods, cleaning products and care products". The main suppliers will be Yaviva, Bionyx and IDorganics. "The choice for organic products has been made because of environmental considerations. Biodiversity and soil quality are guaranteed by organic farming." 

The European average weight of plastic packaging waste from groceries per year is 30 kilos per person. "This equates to a daily average of 12 pieces of plastic. And we, together with our customers, are going to drastically reduce this figure. In addition, we will reduce CO2 emissions by offering products waste free and we will take a green van on the road."

The initiators are curious about what the future will look like. "Hopefully the initiative will grow to such an extent that we will have to run several buses. This will cover a larger geographical area, because we will be able to be in several places at the same time. Sales will go up, because you can serve more people. If it turns out that there is a demand for a more diverse range of products, it is also possible for them to purchase a larger bus, in order to be able to offer a wider range. "As we grow, we will also be offering fresh products from entrepreneurs in Rotterdam. As soon as we start working full time with Potjes & Deksels this will become relevant, in the start-up phase this would cause too much food waste."

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