Two ladies with a mission | Veerkracht010 #8

Published: Monday, December 28, 2020 13:06

Tessa and Anne are two enterprising ladies with a mission. They want to deliver honest, local and waste free products in Rotterdam and surroundings. You can have a plan and the keys to a neat little store in your hands, but then corona comes around the corner and the world changes.

It all comes down to creativity, seeing what's possible and taking entrepreneurial advantage of other opportunities. Because if your customers work from home, you just go there, don't you? And what's very old-fashioned becomes topical again: driving to your clients in an old-fashioned SRV car, an old concept with a new look!

Follow Tessa and Anne in this episode of Veerkracht010 in their search for the perfect bus and the growth of their business plan. Customers in Overschie, Hillegersberg and Prins Alexander, among others, are already eagerly awaiting what's to come.