Potjes & Deksels breathe new life into SRV van

Anne Sonnleitner and Tessa Overboom are going to make a more sustainable future accessible to a wide audience with their company Potjes & Deksels by offering waste-free, vegan products. They share their plans with Vegan Business.

According to Potjes & Deksels, our society is currently set up in such a way that you have to produce waste again and again. Overboom says: "Just look at the daily groceries: everything is packed in one-time-usage and therefore polluting packaging. We are going to change that! At Potjes & Deksels, we will breathe new life into the well-known SRV van. We arrive at our customers' doorstep, and they take their groceries with them in the jars and trays that they reuse for the groceries themselves. That's how easy zero waste is. And you don't have to clean up waste that isn't there!"



Sonnleitner: "We have just purchased a van with which we can drive around on green gas (produced from sludge and residual waste). In the short term we will be driving around two days a week, and on Saturdays we will be standing on the Rotterdamse Oogstmarkt at Noordplein."