December month

There. The December month is a wrap. Every year it is a month full of children and family parties with men with white beards and birthdays. It is therefore also very appropriate that for Tessa and me this month was mainly dedicated to our ''baby'' named Potjes & Deksels.

We started this month with going live with our crowdfunding at the 1% Club (, it runs until January 15th *hinthint*😉). Both of us have never launched a crowdfunding campaign before, so we found it very exciting and we regularly bombarded Juul (our campaign companion) with questions before we went live.

We talked to Vegan Business, In de Buurt Rotterdam, Bio Journaal and experienced several film days with the team of Open Rotterdam for an episode in the Resilience series! For an overview of all messages in the media you can have a look at our ''P&D in the media'' page here . We hope these articles will give you a clear overview of our plans, and that you can already get to know our faces a little bit 😊.

I'm sure you've seen updates about sanding and varnishing the van, it was a couple of ''cool'' working weekends! This was also for a reason, we wanted to present Evie as beautiful as possible to our waiting listers! We brought a Christmas surprise to some of the waiting listers on the day that Open Rotterdam was filming us on the road in Rotterdam. It was a close call, if it would all work out still this year. It took a bit longer than expected before the license plate was in and then Evie still had to make a quick stop by the garage. We spammed Mark Koolen (where she was located) a lot in this period 😉.

Fortunately, the pieces came together on time at the last minute, and despite the exciting times, we were able to carry out the planned activities corona-free and proof! For us it is also great to personally meet the people on the waiting list!

Thank you all again for your patience. Tessa and I got the feeling that you already have a warm heart for P&D!

All that remains now is to wish you a happy and healthy New Year, and thank you all for your support so far for our crowdfunding campaign!

On to a great 2021!