Anne Sonnleitner and Tessa Overboom with their waste free grocery van. (Photo: TMO)

Potjes & Deksels, the zero waste grocery on wheels will start in Capelle aan den IJssel

Fr Jan 29 2021, 9:00

Capelle - Potjes & Deksels was founded by Anne Sonnleitner and Tessa Overboom. When they decided to reduce their own waste in 2020, they noticed that it was not yet that easy without going to many different stores or markets. 

This should be easier, they thought! Thus the plan was born to open a waste-free store for daily groceries! Because of the developments in the past year, the plan was transformed into a mobile concept. Think of the SRV wagon of the past, but without the waste! People come with their own containers, bags or pots to the bus instead of in the bus. They are starting in Capelle aan den IJssel and Rotterdam. Would you like them to come to your street as well? Sign up for the waiting list at

Tessa and Anne drive around with a 'green' bus (powered by Green Gas) so people don't have to go on the road themselves. Also, this driving store is a good opportunity to avoid the crowds. At the moment the bus is being prepared to go on the road, this is possible thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Before the middle of March, they will be driving around with the eye-catching bus on Tuesdays and Fridays. The goal is to reduce plastic waste by 75,000 kg in the first year. 

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