We are already a few months closer to our dream of being able to hit the road with Evie. January always flies by, but this year for us even faster than usual!

I (Anne) was on leave the first three weeks of January to fully focus on preparations for Potjes & Deksels. The first two weeks of this vacation were all about approaching companies and promoting our crowdfunding campaign to make sure we would reach our goal.

The outcome of this 1.5 month crowdfunding marathon was that we actually exceeded our goal! We said before on social media that it was really a roller coaster, it was exciting, fun but sometimes we were also nauseous 😉 At the end of the crowdfunding ride we are super grateful for the support of dear family, friends, and all the new acquaintances gained!

The second half of January was all about getting insurance in order (with a.s.r.), doing the last preparations on Evie before she went to the body shop, deciding on the design and company for the lettering, getting our administration in order, figuring out which cash register system we want to work with, coordinating with suppliers, hanging a few doors a little straighter, and having interviews here and there (we sometimes wonder if it's already time to hire an intern...).

On February the 5th we dropped Evie off and on February 12th (because of the spontaneous snow and winter in the Netherlands and we didn't want to send Evie on the road with summer tires, and oh yes we still work a few days for other employers😉 ) we drove her out like this:


We think the color is wonderfully fresh, it looks good on her!

It was also fresh outside when this picture was taken. On that day we discussed with the coachbuilder what he could do and had a nice interview with Teun Willems!

Monday, February 15th we received the key to our storage space, I think we even had to sign less paperwork for our apartment, but it is all arranged!

Our waiting list filled up in February, fantastic to see that the interest exists, people just need to be able to find us. They found us thanks to the media attention. For now, the waiting list is closed but when we are done puzzling with routes we will see if we can visit more people on our routes!

Orders for cabinets for the bus are done, tomorrow we will pick it up and bring it to Evie. Andddd you can also hear us on Radio Capelle tomorrow morning around 10:30, so if you do not listen to Radio Capelle daily then I would start doing that!