3 months Potjes & Deksels on the road


It's been a while since we've written a blog, but we certainly haven't been sitting still. Time for an update.

Where to start. We are experiencing all kinds of things these past few months. Let me start with what we experience between stops. While driving, all kinds of things have been flying through the bus. From soaps, to popcorn, wooden boards, coffee beans, and lots of cleaning supplies. On our first day, we noticed right away what driving is like, with all kinds of products in the back of the bus. KADENG: there went the oil all over the floor. We hadn't even made it to our first stop or we already had our own mini oil crisis. Another lesson learned; don't leave the barrels on the counter and always bring towels. Fortunately, Maartje, our first guest at the bus, was kind enough to grab kitchen paper for us as an emergency solution. Thanks again, Maartje.

During driving we also experience fun things. You have probably seen our stories on Instagram of a singing Anne behind the wheel. Sometimes you just can't help it if there is a top song on the radio.

In the beginning, there was not always a singing Anne. This was because we wanted to visit everyone who had registered on the waiting list at the time. We ran days of 12 to 13 hours. Fortunately, you didn't mind when we asked you to walk or bike a little. This way we could cluster people and instead of doing 30 stops we could do 10 stops in one day, where we then stood longer. This saves us a lot of energy, literally and figuratively.

Speaking of you guys, the most enjoyable thing of the past few months to witness while driving were the many messages (don't worry, I read them and Anne drives) and phone calls from you. The enthusiasm with which you received us and the positive comments hit us around the ears. That gives us energy to continue.

The energy to continue also came to us from many angles. For example, we were asked to fill 320 pots for the employees of Royal Lemkes and hand them out to them. What a nice idea as a company activity for the week without waste! We stood at the entrance for several hours and again met and made many new people happy with red split lentils (see the photos). Do you have a company in mind that would like to give their employees a sustainable gift on location? Let them contact us 😊 On days when we are not running routes, we can do other activities with Evie.

We were also invited to stand two Wednesday evenings at Mara's Rechtstreex neighborhood point on Coolhaven (see photo below). Thank you, Mara. It was really great fun! We are going to do that more often. (Keep an eye on our schedule for the next time we'll be there).

In the meantime we have turned the one-time outing to Schijf to show the bus into a monthly visit. It was so nice there, that we couldn't help but plan it more often. Ho, oops I mean kei gezellig of course!

Recently we were also approached to be present at the Greendag Crooswijk next Saturday (July 10). This takes place at the playground Schuttersveld and lasts from 10:00 to 16:00.

As you can read, it is quite a lot to mention. To make a long story short; we feel very welcome in Rotterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel and Schijf! Our dreams are coming true, thank you very much!

Goodbye (or houdoe for the people in Schijf),