Nieuwtjes en December tips!

It was quiet for a while, but here we are again with some news :) We're cruising along nicely on our routes (occasionally wearing thermo underwear...) and have orders for waste-free corporate gifts! These include employers who want to offer something different, with sustainable choices at the forefront.

There will soon be a business page online on our website, where we'll elaborate on a few options as examples of what we can offer companies!

In addition to our trusted organic suppliers, we now also work with local heroes in our range. Rotterzwamthey grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds which they collect from companies. With Krush, they process vegetables and fruit that are not good enough to sell into delicious granola! In this way, they prevent food waste. With Kumasi, they provide more income for farmers in Ghana by importing the delicious juice from the cacao fruit. In the Netherlands, top drinks are made of this juice!

Our Evie has now put on her winter shoes, had some maintenance and is, like us, ready for winter!

With the holidays approaching, we'd like to give you some green inspiration and tips.

Because Zero Waste in the December month.... how do you do that you must be wondering?
We have listed a few things :)

1. Give practical gifts, because then you can be sure it will be used. Practical is what we call food, or personal care products. (Let's just happen to be able to come up with some goodies for you plastic-free. In a cotton bag with GOTS certification, some chocolate raisins, or the care products of Happy Soaps!)

2. Looking for other utensils or products? See if you can find something second hand. That way, nothing new needs to be produced! Another alternative: give an experience. Go for a bite to eat with someone (yup, food is an experience) at, for example, the zero waste Restaurant Rotonde in Rotterdam, or go to a museum.

3. Wrap gifts... Instead of a plastic or paper package that is immediately thrown away, you can also think of a nice kitchen towel to give as a gift. Looks cozy and it has a use. Besides that option, you can also see what paper bags and or packaging material you have left over from gifts. If it is there right away again goes off you can best use it a second time. Of course you can also use a cotton bag that you already have. Pack it 2 times in a bag and you still have an unpacking experience. Then you also have some bags to carry your gifts in again.

Besides these three tips, there is a lot of advice to be found. Want to read on about this topic? Elisah Pals from Zero Waste Nederland has here a list with advice.

Good luck with the search and see you soon at the waste-free grocery bus!

Anne en Tessa