Top 5 waste-free groceries for 2022

You'd like to go grocery shopping without plastic but you're not sure where to start? That's a recognizable story! To help you do your grocery shopping in a more sustainable way, we've compiled a top 5 waste-free grocery list here, which will help you make a difference in your amount of waste first.

    1. A waste-free breakfast?

    Many people start their day with breakfast cereals, from cereal to granola and muesli, expandable with south fruits and seeds to suit your taste. Easily twisted together and you'll be energized to start your day! Bring a large can or container from home and have it easily filled to your taste at our bus. For example, come and enjoy the popular Krush Buy apple-walnut granola at Potjes & Deksels. This can be done on the routes but also on Saturdays (the odd weeks) at Rotterdamse Oogst on the Noordplein. Here you can also easily gather your other groceries in your own boxesand bags! Next Thursday (23/12), the Christmas edition of the Rotterdamse Oogst will take place at the Noordplein in Rotterdam, where a nice atmosphere will be provided within the current limitations!
    Rather get started yourself? Here you'll find a delicious recipe 🙂

    1. Buy dried pasta without waste?

    Pasta forms a base for many quick or also elaborate meals. Because you buy your pastas in bulk, you don't have to go to the store as often and you always have a base for the whole family at home. In our store without packaging (on wheels) we have three types of pasta in the assortment as standard. A white, whole wheat and spelt variant of ID Organics.

    1. Buy rice in bulk in your own package?

    Another great product that you always want to have in your kitchen. Serve it next to your satay, curry, your bean dish or whatever you feel like. How convenient is it just to get a few kilos of rice in your own reusable packaging so you can last a long time!
    Curious about the types we have? Check out here.

    1. Buy legumes without packaging?

    he base for your pea soup this winter, or lentils for the aforementioned curry 😉 Among other things, legumes are a super source of plant protein, they thus contribute to a balanced healthy diet. If you don't have reusable packaging at home right now? Then you can buy glass jars from us in three different sizes. 400 ml, 800 ml, and 1540 ml. You can keep using them yourself or give them away as gifts, and they also look decorative as a conscious choice in your kitchen!

    1. Buy plastic-free and palm oil-free products for the bathroom?

    You don't have to buy your shampoo, shaving soap, body soap, conditioner and plastic-free toothpaste in a bottle. There are more and more alternatives on the market, at our bus there are several bars of Happy Soaps and toothpastes from Happy Tabs because we have had fine, nurturing experiences with these ourselves.

    This was the top 5 waste-free groceries for 2022. These 5 types of products are a good start and are the basis of many a dish for many people. When you buy your breakfast cereals, pasta, rice, legumes and personal care products packaging-free it already makes a difference. Because what you don't buy you don't have to throw away!