1 year Potjes & Deksels

We went on the road for the first time 1 year ago with our routes and markets in Capelle aan den IJssel and Rotterdam. Meanwhile, after 1 year of Potjes & Deksels it is difficult to summarize in a few sentences you can find our zero waste shop on wheels.
For the sake of clarity, below is an overview of where you can come and do your shopping with us waste-free:


  • On Tuesdays and Fridays 4 different routes in Rotterdam and Capelle aan den IJssel (Scroll down on our home page to see the map of the routes with the street names attached). Expect to see us on a street but don't see us yet? Then click on "Follow us real time" under "Routes" and see via Google Maps where we are at that moment! Every other week we drive the same route again.
  • On Saturdays in the odd weeks we are at the Noordplein in Rotterdam on the Rotterdamse Oogst. This is a mega cozy market with live music and the most delicious refreshments.
  • One Saturday a month we are in North Brabant. We spend part of the day in the center of Schijf, and the rest of the day in Roosendaal at Kinderboerderij Minnebeek.
  • One Saturday a month we are in Woerden. Hier staan we ook op twee verschillende locaties, namelijk ’s ochtends bij de TechnoHUB en ’s middags bij BoerBert. Bekijk onze planning op de startpagina om te zien hoe laat we er precies zijn.
  • On Thursday morning at the weekly market in the center of Gouda. Until mid-April we will still be here every Thursday anyway, and then we will look at future plans.
  • On Wednesday afternoons at Stadskwekerij De Kas in Blijdorp. On Election Day: March 16 we will be here from 12:00 to 20:00. In April we will be here every Wednesday from 15:30 to 19:30. Tip: you can buy your Rechstreex Pick up groceries from neighborhood chef Shannon. That's a great way to order local fruits and vegetables without the waste!


1 year ago, we never dreamed that we would meet such nice people and visit such cozy locations.

Furthermore, we are also working on expansions to serve the B2B market.

Potjes & Deksels


In fact, in between our full schedules, we love to go to work for companies. Whether you have 20 colleagues or 300, we can hand out a delicious custom-made potluck. Check out some examples on our page: De afvalvrije kruidenier zakelijk (potjesendeksels.nl), en deel dit met je werkgever natuurlijk 😉

Potjes & Deksels


We are starting wholesalers and can combine deliveries with our existing routes. If you have a nut bar, café, or a zero waste store with bulk module or ambitions to start one in Rotterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Gouda, Roosendaal, Schijf or Woerden please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

To celebrate 1 Year of Potjes & Deksels, we have a pot of tea as a gift for everyone when spending €30 in the period from 15 March to 15 April. So come visit us and celebrate with us!