More about us and our mission

Did you know?
Between 1950 and 2015, plastic production increased from 2.3 million tons to 448 million tons?

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the sea: this is equivalent to 16 garbage bags on every metre of coastline in the world.

We love to tell you about our mission.
Because you can do your groceries differently!

Onze missie?

With a sustainable green bus we are the first waste free kruidenier op wielen van Nederland. Het is het SRV concept in een ander jasje gestoken. Bij ons doe je de boodschappen áán de bus in plaats van in de bus. Op dinsdagen rijden we om de week dezelfde route, je vindt de routes here. We staan ook op verschillende markten voornamelijk in Zuid Holland. Here you can find our planning.

By means of the circular model (bring your own packaging material) a significant reduction of waste is realized. In this way Potjes & Deksels supports the goal of the government of the Netherlands to make circularity the benchmark.

Tessa Overboom


Tessa has founded her own company TM Overboom in videography and photography, here she can express all her (broad) interests! Since a few years she switched to a plant-based diet because of the positive impact this has on the planet.

Anne Sonnleitner


Anne has worked in logistics for some years because of her interest in planning and coordination in a dynamic environment. Born into a hospitality family, Anne had a great affinity with food from an early age, this is well known to many people. She also switched to a plant-based diet a few years ago.

Our goal?


Ons doel is het voor consumenten en bedrijven mogelijk te maken verpakkingsmateriaal te besparen. Enerzijds via onze verpakkingsvrije winkel op wielen, en anderzijds voor een zakelijk potje op maat! Want verpakking die er niet is, hoef je ook niet weg te gooien.