Who are we?

The interest in a zero waste lifestyle has contributed to Anne and Tessa working together to make the reduction of waste more accessible to a larger group of people than it currently is. They are going to make this possible with a conscious van.

Vanwege hun verschillende achtergronden vullen zij elkaar goed aan om te slagen als ondernemers!

Tessa Overboom


Tessa has founded her own company TM Overboom in videography and photography, here she can express all her (broad) interests! Because of her passion for organic products she also started working at the organic restaurant De Eekhoorn at the Kralingse plas. Since a few years she switched to a plant-based diet because of the positive impact this has on the planet. 

Anne Sonnleitner


Anne started working in logistics because of her interest in planning and coordination in a dynamic environment. Born into a hospitality family, Anne had a great affinity with food from an early age, this is well known to many people. She also switched to a plant-based diet a few years ago.